Country Reserve Association
Country Reserve Association
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CoResA is a non-profit association active worldwide.

The goals of the association:
• Elimination of all interest-demanding public debt;
• Introduction of an automatic taxation system;
• Provision of financial independence for regional and local governments;
• Introduction of complementary currencies;
• Elimination of poverty and debt;

Interest-demanding public debt
In history always the rulers of a country issued the money and profited from the issue gain.
Unfortunately the governments have forwarded the right to issue the money to private banks and they benefit from the issue gain.
But even worse if governments are in need of money they need to borrow and pay interest for the debt.
At the present system governments are lurged into more and more debt until bankruptcy.

However the debt itself is not the problem, it is reduced gradually by inflation (and later fast by hyperinflation).
Governments paying interest with tax income move money from the people to the rich, and this must not happen!

Public Debt Elimination
All independent governments can now repay their bank debt and outsource the state bonds.
With big advantages:
• No interest payments needed anymore;
• The possibility to repay the debt completely and get out of the debt trap.
• The country has the chance now to free itself from public debt for good.

Eliminiation of bank debt
With the implementation of the automatic taxation system the banks become tax collectors.
If a bank has public debt claims then it can keep the tax revenues to reduce the claims.

Outsourcing of interest-demanding public debt
To outsource state bonds:
The state bonds are changed to interest-free by conversion to zero-bonds.
The bonds can be repaid gradually by revenues of a special tax (exit-VAT).

Public financing
Any government should have balanced budgets. If debts are necessary, they must be interest-free.
Introduction of a public financial system so that financing in the private financial system is no longer necessary.
CORESA provides the international connection so foreign debt is no longer necessary.
The governments benefits from issue gains of the public currency. Local governments also at cash distributions.
Basic wages of the local and regional governments are paid by the public financial system.
Further financing by interest-free overdraft of the public currency if needed (interest-free inflation debt money).

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